Benedict Dorkybatch outside of SDCC. (source)

I love this post.

The darkest Benedict I’ve ever drawn and I love it. I needed to get this out.

Last screenshot from “A touch of Gold” for now. I still love the story and I’d love to keep doing it. But as of now I do not have the energy nor the drive to work on it. Depression is coming back and I try to keep it at bay. However, it’s one of those things that ended up longer on hold than I wanted it to be…

his expression is 100% mine atm.


My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.

…they are no longer friends.

Art of Fighters, Xcite and Synthax teamed up to produce the ‘This is Hardcore’ anthem, being a true reflection of what hardcore is all about. Listen to the anthem and get a taste of what to expect from ‘This is Hardcore’ at Q-BASE.

‘This is Hardcore’ is the progressive alliance between Neophyte Records and Traxtorm Records. This stronghold was present at last year’s edition of Q-BASE and will return to its grounds once again. The movement represents the best of both worlds with a mix of highly acclaimed names and upcoming talents.

So as you can see, I did a bit of Khan. But at this moment I’m mostly tracking down fabrics.

And failing miserably. Welcome to the 23rd century, sponsored by JJ Abrams and designed by Michael Kaplan.

error 404: fabric not found.


Memorial Day

Handstitched (and thus uneven) trial for Khan’s collar. Including waxing technique. Don’t worry, for the actual collar I’ll use a sewing machine.

What I did?

I used the plastic sheet as base, since the collar needs to be able to stand on it’s own, as seen here.

Then I put the fluff on top, and layered the cotton over it. Then I started, painstakingly so, stitching. After that was ‘done’ I heated some wax, and brushed several layers on the fabric, with in-between using the heatgun to get it in the fibers. After about 3 layers, I started rubbing/buffing up the fabric and that’s when the sheen started. I will try more of this on ‘loose’ fabric which is NOT the collar.

We’re getting somewhere..


Wallpaper Challenge! I was tagged by kialna!

What can I say, these two idiots are important for some reason. Are you really surprised? Didn’t think so.

Now, on to the tagging bit. I tag: sublimelybeautiful, queersherlockian sherkeys nobucky and madhatterin221b (you guys don’t have to, obviously) and whoever else wants to do this. I have no idea how this thing is supposed to go.

John looks so done.

cumbermyspock replied to your post: Wallpaperchallenge. I was tagged by le…



but I’ll probably crash it without a proper course. Because 700HP is A LOT

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Umm…. I think it’s the 4th-6th of August I think. After that I’ll also be visiting Shingel in Berlin somewhere but we’ll figure something out.

Funny, I’m supposed to visit her too :’) Not sure when though. I’ll probably be jobless anyway soon, so time enough. Hon hon

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Will do this once I’m home!

You’ll actually do it? Well then. *leans back* when are you back home? (because not only will I await your wallpapers, I will also need to visit you)

Wallpaperchallenge. I was tagged by letsrevitup.

Yeah. You’re disappointed aren’t you. You probably expected something Cumberbatch related. Or sherlock. Or star trek. Or the hobbit. But no, instead you get this. A Lamborghini Aventador LP-700. And a shitload of icons. It rotates though. But it’s mainly cars, planes, motorbikes and possibly trains. And just a few are fandom related.

You can see I’ve been working on my resumé.

Since there are no rules for tagging or the amount of people to tag, I’ll just tag a few. And you don’t *have* to if you don’t want to. I tag cumbermyspock, ideduceyou, fresheima, piratekender and I’d love to tag cumberbum, but she’s somewhere in norway and probably won’t do this anyway. (plus we’d probably get about 5 screens)

So if you want, go ahead, if not, it’s not life threatening….. (or is it… *khan mode*)



the reason why benedict cumberbatch is my favourite actor is that in every role i have ever seen him do, i can’t see any of them in each other.

i think it’s a huge difference in him and many other great actors out there, because when i see another actor doing different roles, i can still think…

This! Although only Sherlock is where I can’t separate him from himself, but even so, he definitely ‘becomes’ someone else. It’s wonderful to see!


BANKSY: Taking the piss